Stuck in Class

January 27, 2014 in Just News

I'm stuck working on my Pinterest class this week but ready to get back to designing |

My new class started today!  I’m excited but still so overwhelmed.  I was really hoping to get back to designing this week but it looks like I’ll be fairly busy until the weekend.  Then it’s just you and me, hooks!  I’ve been dreaming up more ideas for my upcoming Prancer the Unicorn pattern.  I’m convinced that I need some variegated rainbow yarn.  I’m also thinking about adding some optional wings and a saddle to the pattern but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.  I can’t wait to get back to it!  A month without designing is too long.

Send Yarn and Tea

January 20, 2014 in Just News

Send Yarn and Tea |

A week from today I’m going to start teaching my first online class. It’ll be a huge relief to have the bulk of the work of creating the class behind me, but more importantly I’m really looking forward to getting back to my yarn.  I’m so tired right now. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with a hook and some yarn and watch period dramas.  Until then, I will be drinking lots of strong black tea.

What are you all working on?  I hope the new year is being less busy for you.

Thrift Store Find: The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery

January 14, 2014 in Reviews

Review of The Complete Encyclopedia of Sitchery | Thrift Store Finds on


Good crafting books can be really expensive, so whenever I’m at the thrift store I like to peruse the craft books section since every book is under $3.  On my last trip through I was in a hurry but the cover of this book caught my eye and I picked up on a whim for $2.99.  I definitely got my money’s worth!

The book is split into 7 parts: crochet, embroidery, knitting, macramé, rugmaking, sewing, and tatting.  I love that crochet was the first section!  The book was printed in 1979 (it’s older than I am!) so I’m very appreciative to the owner for taking such good care of it.  The dust cover is a bit tattered by the book itself is in perfect shape.   It doesn’t contain any photos, but there are page after page of absolutely fantastic line drawings.

The crochet section along is 147 pages.  I think if you were an absolute beginner this book would cover everything you’d ever need to know to crochet.  It covers terms and abbrevations, basic crochet stitches and their variations, materials and tools, stitch patterns, and styles and types of crocheting.  It also covers tunisian, fillet, and irish crochet techniques.

The other parts of the books are similarly decadent.  I’m one of those folks who crochets and knits so I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the knitting section as well.  I’m going to spend more time in the embroidery section because I think it might be a good way to dress up the amigurumi.  It’s also been fun to read about tatting.  I had always assumed it was some form of crochet but it’s completely different.

There are tons of cool techniques and stitches I’d never seen before that I can’t wait to turn into tutorials!  I’m so pleased with how nice the book turned out to be since I didn’t even have time to crack the cover before I purchased it.  The book is out of print (at the moment) but you can find used copies from anywhere from a penny to $18 on Amazon.