Work in Progress Free Crochet Toy Pattern

May 19, 2012 in Free Patterns, Front Page

Awhile back someone sent me a bag full of partial skeins of yarn to use for designing amigurumi. When I pulled this particular ball out my first thought was “safety orange color”. I was instantly inspired to create this free crochet pattern for a little safety cone to mark all of my yarn works in progress.

I think it’s also a good inspiration for my efforts to get back to regular updating here and start to publish more of my patterns.  Enjoy!

Tools & Materials

A few yards of worsted weight yarn.
Size F (3.75 )hook
6mm plastic safety eyes
embroidery thread
embroidery needle
yarn needle
a small amount of fiber fill


sc = single crochet
st = stitch
sl st = slip stitch

Pattern Notes

Amigurumi are crocheted in spirals which means that you do not join rounds or chain to increase height. Use a stitch marker to help you keep track of the end of the round. In order for the pieces to hold their shape, use a fairly stiff yarn and crochet tightly. Stuff the pieces until they are firm but do not over stuff them as it will distort the shape.

Cone Top

Round 1: crochet 6 sc in a magic ring

Round 2: sc 6

Round 3: * sc 2, 2 sc in next st* Repeat 2 (8 sts)

Round 4: sc 8

Round 5: * sc 3, 2 sc in next st* Repeat 2 (10 sts)

Round 6: sc 10

Round 7: sc 10

Round 8: * sc 4, 2 sc in next st* Repeat 2 (12 sts)

Round 9: sc 12

Round 10: * sc 3, 2 sc in next st* Repeat 3 (15 sts)

Round 11: sc 15

Round 12: sc 15

Round 13: * sc 4, 2 sc in next st* Repeat 3 (18 sts)

Round 14: sc 18

Leave a long tail for sewing the cone to the base. Insert eyes between rounds 11 and 12 and secure. Embroider mouth over round 13.  Stuff cone with fiberfill about 3/4ths full, rather tightly but not so much that the sides bulge out.

Square Base

Round 1: SC 8 in a magic ring.

Round 2: * SC, in next stitch SC-CH-SC* repeat around

Round 3-5: SC in each SC.  In each CH1: SC-CH-SC. On Round 5 SL ST the last two stitches to make a smooth edge.

Weave in both ends of the square. Pin cone to base and begin sewing it on. At the half way point, finish stuffing the cone, then finish sewing the cone to the base. Pull the yarn through the base and weave in on the back side. Done!