My New Project Table

September 12, 2013 in Just News

I haven’t been doing much designing work the last three weeks because I’ve been working on a different project. My studio space is rather limited in our two bedroom apartment. With me doing designing full-time, the dining table was perpetually covered in photography equipment. I desperately needed some work space of my own so I can shoot photos as I’m working. With this in mind, a few weeks ago I visited the local thrift store. The shop is very small and is in an old one bedroom house in the historic downtown. The owner, Elizabeth is fabulous and also a huge enabler of all my creative projects.

When I told her what I was looking for, she made a beeline for this table. It’s a drop leaf dining table which means when not in use I can fold it down to the size of a console table, or when I need the extra space I can pop up one or both sides. The only problem was that it was not in great shape. Along the edges the wood veneer had been chipped away in several places.


It was marked at $50, but being the enabler that she is she gave it to me for $15. Who could resist? So I dragged it home and for the last three weeks I have been stripping, patching, sanding and painting. It’s not the prettiest thing ever but I’ve double my work space, and now I can do in progress shots as I’m working which will make getting the patterns out the door that much more quickly.