Teach Kids Crochet

December 31, 2008 in Just News

A few months back I was introduced to one of the coolest ways to donate to charity by the gracious Miss K of Aromaleigh fame, called DonorsChoose.org .  Like many crocheters, I’m hesitant to give cash to an organization and would prefer to give made items instead but this is my one exception.  The basic premise is that teachers come up with a budget for a project and post it on Donors Choose.  Then anyone can donate as much as they like from $1 to the cost of the entire project.  The funding goes directly to the teachers and the projects you feel are important.

I have created a Giving Page sponsoring crochet projects.  Most of the projects not only teach kids how to crochet but also how to donate what they make to others.  You can find more information in the give back section of the right side of this page.  Please take a moment to look and see if you’d be willing to give a $1 or more to help kids learn how to crochet and how to use it to give back.  I will continue to add crochet projects as the appear or you can also search for other projects you’d like to sponsor.  You can find projects for a particular topic, for schools that are the most impoverished, or for schools closest to you. So if your list of charity projects this year seems impossibly long, thing of donating to one of these projects and help teach a whole new generation of giving crocheters.