Magic Ring Method of Crocheting in the Round

September 15, 2013 in Tips and Techniques

The magic ring or, or “magic loop”, method of starting crochet in the round is very popular when doing amigurumi because you can tightly close the hole so no stuffing with come out. This step-by-step tutorial shows you to start a magic ring, crochet into it, and begin the next round of a spiral.

Read the rest of this post for step-by-step written directions and photos.

Step #1 Make the Magic Ring

Make a ring by placing the tail of the yarn behind the working yarn in whichever hand you hold the working yarn. Until you have some practice, you’ll want to make your tail fairly long, at least 6 to 8 inches, so you don’t run out of tail before completing your magic ring.  For left handers, the key points are that the tail is behind the working yarn and that the tail is going toward the palm of the hand holding the working yarn. MagicLoop1 Place your thumb over the point where the tail crosses under the working yarn and pinch between your thumb and middle finger to hold the ring while you secure it with a slip stitch. MagicLoop2 To secure the ring, begin by inserting the hook through the ring and grabbing the working yarn with the hook. MagicLoop3a Pull up a loop of working yarn through the center of the ring MagicLoop3 Yarn over MagicLoop4 Pull through the loop on the hook to make a slip stitch. As the slip stitch does not count as a stitch, I like to pull on the working yarn to tighten the slip stitch so that it won’t stick out as much when you begin the next round. MagicLoop5

Step #2  Single Cocheting Into a Magic Ring

Hold the tail of the yarn and the side of the ring closest to it together.  Insert the hook under both that side of the ring and the tail, then yarn over. MagicLoop6 Pull up a loop so you now have 2 loops on the hook. MagicLoop7 Yarn over. MagicLoop8 Pull through both loops to complete one single crochet. MagicLoop9 Continue making single crochets, making sure to go under and over both the tail and the ring, until you have the number of stitches specified in the pattern.  Here you can see six single crochet in a magic ring.MagicLoop10

Step #3 Tighten the Magic Ring

Now we are on to the part that makes this technique “magic”.  Holding the side of the ring where you made your single crochet stitches, grab the tail of the yarn. MagicLoop11 Slowly but firmly pull the tail of the yarn to tighten the ring.  You can tighten this as little or as much as you want depending upon the size of the ring you would like to have, but for amigurumi we want the hole all the way closed so pull it as tight as you can without breaking the yarn. MagicLoop12 As you crochet your first few rounds, you might see the hole open again, simply pull the tail tight to close it again.  After a few rounds, I like to secure and trim the tail so that the hole will not continue to open.

Step #4 Starting the Next Round

With amigurumi, we usually crochet in a spiral which means we do not chain or join at the end of rounds.Remember that the slip stitch does not count as a stitch so you want to make the first stitch of the next round into the first single crochet stitch you made. Magic Loop ST Insert the hook under both loops of the stitch and continue on making a single crochet stitch in the normal fashion! That’s it!  You’ve mastered the basics of starting amigurumi in the round.  If you still have questions, please feel free to comment below!