19th Century Craft, Meet 21st Century Technology

January 31, 2009 in Tips and Techniques

Evernote on iPhoneI was a computer nerd long before I decided to take up crocheting so it was only natural to me to apply my geekery to my new found hobby.  I first started by saving all my patterns to Evernote.  It’s a freeware program that allows you to create virtual notebooks.  It has a really easy to use method of clipping web pages so when I find a pattern I like I just clip it in to Evernote and never have to worry about forgetting where I saw it or having the website disappear.

Evernote is superior to saving patterns as individual files because it allows you to search everything in your notebook (even text in images) as well as allowing you to add tags so you can find patterns easily.  For example, I tag all my hat patterns with “hat” but I also tag them with the type of hat like “cloche” so if I want to see all my hat patterns I click the “hat” tag or if I only want to see cloches I click “cloche”.  It makes organizing all my patterns and finding the perfect one for my next project so quick and easy.

Next I downloaded the Evernote app for my iPhone (they also have one for Windows Mobile).  Evernote has a unique feature that allows you to create folders on your PC that will sync to the internet so you can either view them through their web interface or through an internet capable cellphone.  If you’re using the free version there is a limit to how much data can be synced per month but so far I haven’t hit it.  Whenever I’m working on a pattern I move it to my folder of synced patterns and then it’s available on my iPhone wherever I am.  Now I don’t have to print out a pattern to make it portable.  Whether I’m just on the sofa at home or I’m in a coffee shop 30 miles from home I can access all my projects.

I can also use my iPhone to look up YouTube crochet videos, free patterns online, or read crocheting forums and articles.  I also use it to check out yarn reviews on Ravelry or do price comparisons while I’m out shopping.  In fact, I would have to say that my iPhone is my primary tool for feeding my crochet obsession.  I’m a modern girl so I believe that making it hand made doesn’t have to mean making it the hard way.