New Stitch Markers

January 21, 2009 in Tips and Techniques


While reading Beth Doherty’s amigurumi book, I saw that she recommended the Clover locking stitch markers so I checked them out at my next craft store visit.  They looked really nice but were way too expensive.  Since I have multiple projects going on and also wanted to have plenty to use while designing patterns I decided to shop around on the internet.  I figured it would be really easy to find plastic safety pins that would work as well as the Clover stitch markers.  Boy was I wrong! It took me about three days of randomly searching on Google to finally come up with a site that sold plastic safety pins on this side of the Atlantic and in reasonably small quantities.  The biggest surprise was that this placed turned out to be California Bird Nerds, a website for bird toys.  I still can’t believe this is the only place outside of Asia that you can buy plastic safety pins but that didn’t stop me from immediately placing an order.

It cost me $8 including shipping to purchase 144 of them.  To put it in perspective this would buy approximately 20 of the 3/4″ clover stitch markers.  The plastic safety pins I purchased are 1″ long and come in 5 colors.  Unlike a metal safety pin they don’t have a coil at the hinged end so they hang safely out of the way.  Like the Clover stitch markers, they lock shut so there’s no chance of them falling out.  They even have a hole in the end that could be used to attach beads (if that’s your thing).  I’m guessing the Clover stitch markers are made of more resilient plastic but even after giving a few sets away to friends I still have over 100 of them so it won’t be a big loss if I break or lose a few.